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    Tenure in higher education is no longer an aim but rather an aspirational objective and recompense bestowed after decades of hard work (and a lot of research success). But, in today’s environment, what does tenure entail, and, more significantly, does it matter? The answer is almost always yes, although the reason behind this varies depending on ...
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    Autism Spectrum Disorder has no single known cause, although research indicates that it is most likely caused by a mix of genetic and environmental factors. Although there is little parents can do to prevent or forecast autism in their children, there are a few risk factors. This article investigates the genetic and environmental factors that ...
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    Many issues are under the focus of education activists and researchers, but shouldn’t it be simple to concur on the necessity of lower class sizes in PreK-12 classrooms? Maybe. Continue reading to learn more. When we talk about small class sizes, we generally refer to elementary school classrooms with 20 or fewer students and high school ...
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    There are numerous methods for teaching and learning, and one that many schools (especially Montessori schools) are embracing is learning in nature. There is substantial evidence that children benefit from learning new abilities in the outdoors for a variety of reasons. Many students are resistant to learning arithmetic in the classroom because they believe they ...
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    Remote learning is continuously being improved through things such as the flipped classroom approach and multiple tools such as virtual meeting rooms, screen-recording apps, learning management systems, and collaborative documents, and more! However, there is still one thing missing. Through it all, teachers are always searching for ways to boost the students’ digital citizenship during ...
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    The use of cross-curricular tools can help children acquire and remember new information more effectively, as well as make learning difficult subjects less frustrating. Using picture books to learn arithmetic is an excellent example of how to use cross-curricular materials to improve learning. Storytime or reading is already a part of most children’s routines and ...
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