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    Do you want to work as a teacher in the great state of New Jersey? If that’s the case, you have come to the correct place. A short article on the processes of becoming a teacher in New Jersey may be found below. Step 1: Complete a Teacher Preparation Program that has been Approved  Educators ...
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    It’s excellent when we teach students to read. However, what goes on when we need to teach them to understand things they read on a different level? Instructing our students to know the themes in reading and language arts helps them understand and respond to the points the author communicates.  The ability to find these ...
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    MyMAX is a management system that allows you to automate the administrative processes of a childcare center and reduce the stress of paperwork. It makes it easier to interact with and satisfy each parent. Website: What Users Love About the App “Ease of use, being able to speak to record as opposed to writing ...
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    This tool helps to track learner performance, attendance, and so on. My Students Progress (MSP) also simplifies communication between parents, educators, learners, and administrators. MSP can be customized to be used by any school Website: What Users Love About the App “MSP is very user friendly. It is easy to figure out how to ...
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    My PlayHome is the phone version of the classic toy, the dollhouse. Real life dollhouses are very limited with activities for the dolls (i.e., they can sit, walk around, sleep). However, My PlayHome allows kids to have the dolls cook, drink, eat, travel, move things around, and even edit rooms with whatever they want. This ...
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    Module is a free, open-source learning platform designed for educators, administrators, and learners. The system uses a robust, integrated, and secure platform to helps its users create personalized learning environments. The software can be downloaded onto the user’s web server. Website: What Users Love About the App “Based on the data, you may be ...
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