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    Children promptly learn to expect their parents to say yes always, which fuels their sense of entitlement. However, feeding a child’s entitlement issues sets them up for disappointment in the future. You can stop your child’s entitlement fast with some of these simple tips. Promote Gratitude During the holidays, kids often hop from one gift ...
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    Racism in higher education is a widely disregarded and chronic issue that affects students of color across the country. They must work harder than their white colleagues to win admittance to universities as well as acceptance from instructors and peers on campus. From the application process to graduation, research shows that students of color are ...
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    Higher education institutions are built on workflows. The larger the college or university is, the more processes must be implemented for it to run smoothly. The problem, though, is running these workflows efficiently. Anything that’s not automated (paper forms, spreadsheets, emails, telephone calls) can cause significant delays in vital things such as student scheduling, enrollment, ...
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    Babies require to be fed and cared for. This changes a bit when they step into their toddler years and start walking, talking, exploring boundaries, and forming opinions. This developmental phase is often called “the terrible twos.” However, you can effectively handle this phase of your kid’s life with some preparation. Study: When you understand ...
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    There is rising evidence that students of color are being underserved in higher education. According to research, the disparity in spending on students of color against white students at two- and four-year public colleges is more than $1,000 per learner. This merely serves to keep learners of color oppressed and disadvantaged in terms of educational ...
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    Kids need to be creative to succeed in the future. According to Carolina A. Miranda, toddlers today need a lot of creative thinking to deal with multiple scenarios, from a landscape of quickly evolving technology to a constantly changing worldwide economy and far-reaching environmental and health challenges. Not sure how you can encourage creativity in ...
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