We have developed several free apps along with our sister site The Edvocate, and they are located below. Click on the link provided to visit each app. This is just the beginning as some of our upcoming apps will involve using artificial intelligence to solve problems within the education sector.

Edupedia is a digital encyclopedia/glossary/dictionary hybrid that allows its user to find well-researched information on any education-related topic. Some entries are only a few sentences and define basic educational terms. Other listings are one to two paragraphs long, cover foundational educational concepts and resemble your traditional glossary entry. The last type of listing is more expansive, includes several sections and resembles full-length encyclopedic entries.

College GPA CalculatorAllows college students to calculate and save their college GPA, record their semester performance and track out their entire academic career.

High School GPA Calculator Allows high school students to calculate and track their high school GPA, record their scores and keep a handle on their cumulative academic performance.

Cumulative GPA CalculatorAllows high school and college students to calculate and save their cumulative GPA, and find out how their future and current grades will affect their academic performance.

Grade Calculator Allows students to find out what their class grade is by adding together their assignments to calculate their total score.

Weighted Grade CalculatorAllows students to swiftly calculate their weighted class grade by adding each assignment and its total value.

Final Grade Calculator Allows students to calculate what score they must receive on their final exam to achieve their desired final class grade.