Today’s teachers and school administrators are expected to do a lot and the pressure to stay ahead in the field is heavy. Continuing education is mandatory both by law and as a matter of necessity when it comes to staying competitive.

That’s why The Edvocate is proud to announce its latest offering, EdvocatePD. This professional development site was designed especially for educators, with an emphasis on P-20 education.


What Will EdvocatePD offer?

The main aim of EdvocatePD is to maximize learning opportunities for educators. The student-centered, supportive environment asks for application of learning and does not simply present exams. Through affordable tuition options, all educators can tap into the wealth of resources – whether they are just starting out or launching the second or third iteration of their teaching careers. EdvocatePD is a place that teachers can seek out their own continuing education opportunities and also a place where larger organizations can give their educators access to a wealth of learning opportunities.


Want to Demo the Site?

But don’t take our word for it. Why don’t you check out our site for yourself? The web address is Once you access the site, go ahead and look around. If you would like to demo some of our courses, register for the site and visit our “Pricing Information Page” in order to take advantage of our 30-day free trial, which will allow you to access all of our courses.

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Who is Behind EdvocatePD?

Dr. Matthew Lynch, the founder of The Edvocate, is the brains behind this new online learning platform. Dr. Lynch is an award-winning writer and activist who over the course of a decade+ has worked the entire P-20 educational realm. He has worked as a K-12 public school teacher, and as a dean of education at universities that train the next generation of teachers. Dr. Lynch is well aware of the challenges contemporary teachers face and the learning opportunities that can boost their confidence and benefit the diverse students in their classrooms. In addition to owning The Edvocate and The Tech Edvocate, Dr. Lynch is a blogger on Education Week and Diverse: Issues in Higher Education, as well as numerous other outlets including the Huffington Post. His expertise and passion for making teachers the best they can be guides all his endeavors, including the latest one: EdvocatePD.

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What Are You Waiting For?

If this sounds like something that you are interested in, go ahead and visit, and sign up for a 30-trial.