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    We are at a point in history when higher education is easily accessible to all, whether through walk-in or virtual sessions. The US is renowned for its high-quality education system as it is home to multiple Ivy League institutions that attract global students. However, you’ll be forgiven for thinking that the state of higher education ...
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    Your first college visit is invaluable. This is your opportunity to show how eager you are to attend the school. It’s the perfect opportunity to see if the college is the right fit for you too. You don’t want to enroll, pay your tuition fees upfront, and then realize this isn’t the school you want ...
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    Flippity easily turns any Google spreadsheet into flash cards, a badge creator, a spelling quiz, a memory game, a word search, and more. Teachers can use Flippity for a variety of purposes: to present to the class, to assess individual learners, or to have learners make their own creations. In each case, check out the demo, and then use the templates and ...
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    The Design Squad Global website complements the PBS Kids television show Design Squad, in which learners compete to create the most novel solutions to engineering challenges. The games, lesson plans, and video demonstrations of the brainstorming and prototyping that go into design make the website a great learning tool for kids. All episodes from the show include closed captioning. ...
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    Formerly Digital Is, The Current is an open publishing media literacy website created and curated by a community of educators. Created under the direction of the National Writing Project (NWP) as a source for grassroots professional development, the site shares the NWP’s ethos of encouraging educators to help others in their field. The site is closely linked ...
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    Fractions, by the Math Learning Center is a free whiteboard app (for iOS, Chrome, and the web) designed for learning about fractions in elementary and middle school math classrooms. Students can create visual representations of fractions using bars or circles they manipulate on a board, choose how many parts to split their model into, and select a color to ...
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